Provecho Consulting equips nonprofits to serve their communities by helping them take full advantage of every opportunity. We help individuals and organizations reach their highest potential by providing the support for increased performance, capacity growth and defining clear pathways to success. Through training, coaching, and consultation, Kerry will help your nonprofit realize your goals in the areas of nonprofit management, fundraising, board and staff development and strategic planning. We are eager to work with you! Please contact us to set up an initial meeting to discuss your organization’s needs.

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"Kerry Gallagher gets it. In the world we live in, passion isn't enough. We can all point to scenarios where people cared to their emotional limit, but still nothing got done. Kerry's key is that she combines that earnest emotional investment with a visceral understanding of interpersonal dynamics and strategic thinking and a true understanding of where an organization can go. She knows that resources are limited, but creativity is not. I've seen her work in board rooms, council chambers and on the street at the same high level of effectiveness. She consistently brings energy, insight and experience to help overcome obstacles along the way, but never lets the main goal slip out of focus. I'm proud to know her as a friend and community member. "

- Michael Massie, Senior Vice President, Related Companies*

"Working with Provecho Group has been a delight. Kerry has gone above and beyond in ensuring that our project embarked without a hitch. She has been extremely flexible with her time, is knowledgeable with the subject matter, and has completed her tasks on time and as directed. Kerry also brings a sense of calm that only experience can provide, and has been a great coach in helping our team achieve their goals."

 - Robert Nothoff, Director, Raise the Wage Campaign

"We finally, as a Board, found the elusive horse before the cart. We used to have a fundraising strategy without much of a structure and set goals. Now we have clear and common-sense goals based on a thoughtful review of our past experience and accomplishments.  Getting buy-in from the board was achieved with much discussion and no consternation.  There were raves about how fun and substantive the retreat was for the Board and staff."

- Lillibeth Navarro, Executive Director, CALIF

"Kerry is an innovative thinker and effective leader who can help a team accomplish their goals. She knows when to lead and when to listen and can take people's ideas to the next level by helping them set a clear plan of action with a committed course for follow-though. She develops positive relationships with the people she is working with and her passion for community work is undeniable."

- Beth Rayfield, Ph.D., Director of Development, CHIRLA*

* These individuals were not clients of Provecho Consulting but worked closely with Kerry in her role as Executive Director of Housing Long Beach.

Increased Performance

- Help individuals or teams improve and streamline their work through targeted coaching

- Develop skills amongst staff and Board through excellent trainings designed and tailored for your organization

- Cultivate sustainability through self-care workshops and retreats

Capacity Growth

- Raise more money from diverse sources with clear and measurable fundraising plans

- Expand your network and build support with targeted communications strategies

- Facilitate organizational assessments to determine key areas of growth and capacity-building

Clear Pathway to Success

- Engage your stakeholders to develop a mission-based Strategic Plan to clarify goals and guide your work

- Define and measure long-term success by aligning all aspects of your work