Gratitude Matters.

Do you thank every single donor that gives to your organization? Or just the ones that come from gifts that 'merit' a call or handwritten thank you?

Every gift - even small ones- deserves a thank you. You never know who is behind that donation. When cultivated, relationships with someone who gives a small donation can lead to a new volunteer or Board member, or a bigger gift down the line. Don't let them go!

Plus, "first-time donors who get a personal thank you within 48 hours are 4x more likely to give a second gift. And you want that second gift, since donor retention rates skyrocket from 22.9% to 60.8%."

Check out a study that Bloomerang did on small gifts and donor retention. You may be surprised, and you'll definitely want to get those thank you's sent out soon!

No More Excuses - You Need To Call Every Donor