Client Highlight: CALIF Advocates for Disability Rights

Communities Actively Living Independently and Free (CALIF) is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit working to equip, empower and advocate on behalf of LA’s disability community. They encourage the meaningful participation of persons with disabilities in all facets of our society, and educate their clients and the broader public alike on the history and future of the Disability Rights Movement.

Provecho Consulting worked with CALIF’s staff and Board on overall organizational development, including fundraising, Board development, time management and self-care. In three-days of retreat including over 30 of CALIF’s key stakeholders, the organization reflected on past successes and challenges, analyzed the present context within the organization, and planned towards a more productive future.

CALIF’s work to dismantle discrimination against people with disabilities starts by their commitment to hiring folks from this community - more than 60% of their staff and Board are people with disabilities. CALIF realizes their mission every day in the power of their team making a difference.
To learn more about CALIF or to make a donation, visit their website.