Words of Wisdom from one of the best fundraisers I know

When I was a young Director at Housing Long Beach, I met a woman who worked for a local immigrant rights group that was one of the savviest and most successful nonprofit fundraisers I know. Beth Rayfield completely transformed the culture of fundraising at CHIRLA, her organization in LA, convincing the team that anyone – rich or poor, documented or not – can not only give money themselves but ask others to give as well. Under her leadership as Development Director, CHIRLA’s power to influence the lives of immigrant folks across California expanded greatly, due to the organization-wide commitment to raising resources that she helped cultivate.

I was lucky enough to develop a friendship with Beth, and she became a mentor to me and our fundraising committee at Housing Long Beach. She not only impacted CHIRLA; she impacted HLB as well.

Now working with the Center for Community Change in Washington D.C., Beth is continuing her work to raise money and improve lives. And this month, her words of wisdom are influencing others with her recent article in the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT) journal. Check out the article and remember that every person – with the commitment, motivation and training – can be a successful fundraiser!