Kerry Gallagher is the founder and principal consultant at Provecho Consulting, working to help nonprofits take full advantage of every opportunity. With over 15 years of nonprofit experience, Kerry has served as a volunteer, fundraiser, program staff, Executive Director and Board member of various nonprofits throughout California. Her passion for community empowerment, social justice and urban development has fueled her drive and commitment to her community.

Kerry began her life as a community activist and volunteer when she was 5 years old, supporting eye clinics in small villages in Baja California with her father, an eye doctor. She continued participating in service opportunities throughout her childhood and youth, and when she arrived at college, she solidified her commitment pursuing a career of working towards equal opportunities for all. She has an understanding of the intersectionality of so many of society's most impacted communities and issues, and has worked with youth, people of color, low-income communities, LGBTQ people, and women to fight for equity on the myriad issues affecting their success (education, housing, health care, jobs, etc.).

Kerry's on-the-ground work as a community organizer and youth worker shaped her leadership methods and process. She understands that strategic planning, advocacy and vision-setting are only as important as their ability to reach the people most impacted by the issue the group is working to address. Organizing taught her the most important skill in her whole career - listening. She believes that those most impacted by the issues plaguing society are often the ones skilled at knowing the answers to solving the crisis, and must necessarily have a seat at the table in shaping the vision, plan and strategies for our community development work.

Kerry most recently served as the Executive Director of Housing Long Beach, an advocacy and community-organizing group in Long Beach, CA. In her role at Housing Long Beach, Kerry ran both the operational and programmatic work of the organization, serving as a fundraiser, marketing specialist, program manager, accountant, staff development director, and more. Kerry developed a deep understanding of the broad spectrum of needs for small and mid-sized nonprofits, and is committed to providing guidance, coaching, and support for staff and Boards to most effectively tackle all of these challenges and thrive.

Prior to Kerry’s leadership at HLB, she held management and director positions at the Orange County Congregation Community Organization (OCCCO), Central City Community Outreach Youth Program on Skid Row, and Calvin Crest Conference Center in the Sierra Nevadas. In her work with these organizations, Kerry designed and executed fund development plans, generated communications strategies, and led strategic planning sessions to grow organizations’ capacity. She worked across state and national networks, and advocated with elected officials across the country. For 5 years during her time at OCCCO, Kerry also taught Public Communications as an adjunct instructor at Azusa Pacific University.

Kerry holds a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies from the University of London and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Media Studies from Azusa Pacific University. She is a graduate of the Executive Services Corps’ New Executive Director Institute, and has participated in and led numerous trainings on leadership development and organizational management at the state and national level. Kerry's service extends overseas, and she has participated in service projects with Rotary International in Mexico, Romania and Laos. She recently completed a 6-month solo travel adventure through South America, where she refreshed her spirit and renewed her passion for community service. She is also an avid cyclist, backpacker, rock climber, meditator, dancer, and activist.

To contact Kerry, please email: or call 562.316.6179